ISEV Therapeutic Workshop 2015 Programs & Speakers


19 October 2015, Monday (Day 1)

0800 – 0830Registration
0830 – 0835Welcome to the Participants
0835 – 0840Message from the ISEV president

Jan Lötvall, University of Gotenburg
0840 – 0845Purpose of ISEV Research Seminars

Marca Wauben, Utrecht University, Executive ISEV Chair for Science and Meeting

Chair: Lai Ruenn Chai
0915 – 0930mmune modulatory properties of MSC-EVs

Sai Kiang Lim, A*STAR Institute of Medical Biology
0935 – 0950Cartilage regeneration with MSC-EVs

Wei Seong Toh, National University of Singapore
0955 – 1010MSC-EVs in preclinical models of brain tumors

Chaya Brodie, Bar-Ilan University
1015 – 1030Pigs as translational models for testing MSC exosomes in myocardial infarction and heart failure

Dominique de Kleijn, NUS & UMC Utrecht
1030 – 1100Tea Break
SESSION IIVarious Therapeutic Concepts

Chair: Lim Sai Kiang
1100 – 1115Reticulocyte-derived exosomes (Rex) immunization in rodent malaria model conferred full and long-lasting protective immunity

Hernando del Portillo, Institute of Global Health
1120 – 1135Phosphatidylserin to block procoagulant protein assembly –for use as novel anticoagulant

Hang Hubert Yin, University of Colorado Boulder
1140 – 1155Exosome from plasma of Plasmodium-infected host expressing miRNA inhibit angiogenesis

Yijun Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1200 – 1215Fusing EVs to engineered lipid carriers produces hybrid vesicles harnessed for the delivery of biomolecules

Joel De Beer, University of Basel
1710 – 1750hrsMicrofluidics Platforms for EV Isolation and Analysis

Dr Wang Zhiping

Director (Research Programme), A*STAR SIMTECH, SINGAPORE
1220 – 1315Lunch Break
SESSION IIIPreclinical Models and Clinical Trials

Chair: Jan Lötvall
1315 – 1330Experiences from canine clinical trials – myxomatous mitral valve disease, randomized controlled CT

Vicky Yang, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
1335 – 1350MVs and Exosomes of UC-MSCs are Safe and Effective in Treatment of Patients with Type I DM

Nassar Wael, October Six University
1355 – 1410EVs and HIV Treatment –Role of NHP models

Kenneth Witwer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1415 – 1430DC-EVs and DC-MVs induce immune response of different quality in vivo

Susanne Gabrielsson, Karolinska Institutet
1435 – 1450Break
SESSION IVRegulatory requirements

Chair: Mario Gimona
1455 – 1520Regulatory Aspects on Manufacturing of EV-based therapeutics

Eva Rohde, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg
1525 – 1620Q & A to a specialist Health Regulatory Agency

Pharm. Ilona Reischl, Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES)
1625 – 1640Tea Break
Round Table 1Moderation: Eva Rohde

Notes: RYWY and SST (ASTAR)
1645 – 1815What are the regulatory frameworks for EVs, what are the requirements?

Do EVs automatically fall under the high-risk definition of investigational new drugs? How can we influence this?

1. Takahiro Ochiya

2. Jang Su Chul

3. Ruenn Chai Lai

4. Joel de Beer

5. John Cadwell

6. Smith Rachel

7. Jan Lötvall

8. Bas van Balkom

9. Vicky Yang

20 October 2015, Monday (Day 2)

SESSION VManufacturing

Chair: Ahmed Ibrahim
0900 – 0915Production of functionally bioactive EVs derived from immortalized neuronal SC lines Randolph Corteling, Reneuron
0920 – 0935Real time visualization in vitro and in vivo, Biodistribution and Cargo Delivery by EVs – TU – to-TU EV exchange, Focus on effectiveness, toxicity

Charles Lai, National Tsing Hua University
0940 – 0955The accredited academic GMP manufacturing site for mesenchymal stromal cell-derived EVs at the Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg

Mario Gimona, University Salzburg
1000 – 1030Tea Break
Round Table 2Safety & Effectiveness

Moderation: Dominique de Kleijn

Notes: RYWY and SST (ASTAR)
1030 – 1200What is safe and therapeutic effective EVs in a preclinical setting?

1. Ahmed Ibrahim

2. Chaya Brodie

3. Hernando Del Portillo

4. Susanne Gabrielson

5. Su Chul Jang

6. Wei Seong Toh

7. Wauben

8. Vicky Jang

9. John Sinden

10. Meng Fanyin

11. Murray Broom
1200 – 1300Lunch Break
Round Table 3Purification and upscaling Moderation: Bernd Giebel Notes: RYWY and SST (ASTAR)
1300 – 1430Purification and Upscaling: how do we move from the preclinic to the patient?

1. Kevin Buyens

2. Kiyotaka Shiba

3. Randolph Corteling

4. Hernando del Portillio

5. Sai Kiang Lim

6. Nassar Wael

7. Bas van Balkum

8. Danilo Tagle

9. Mario Gimona

10. Marca Wauben
1430 – 1440Break
SESSION VITowards release criteria

Chair: John Sinden
1445 – 1510Technological challenges of single vesicle based molecular analysis

Marca Wauben, Utrecht University
1515 – 1530NGS and Characterization of EV RNA from senescent fibroblasts

Hidetoshi Tahara, Hiroshima University Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences
1535 – 1605Open for issues like technological limits/chances
1610 – 1630Tea Break
Wrap Up Session and Discussions

Chair: Takahiro Ochiya
1630 – 1700Wrap-up RT 1

Eva Rohde, University Salzburg
1700 – 1730Wrap-up RT 2

Dominique de Kleijn, NUS & UMC Utrecht
1730 – 1800Wrap-up RT 3

Bernd Giebel, University Hospital Essen
1800 – 1820Time reserved for alternatives or for questions like: what are the next steps?
1820 – 1830Concluding Remarks

Sai Kiang Lim and/or Jan Lötvall

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19 – 20 October 2015

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