SOCRATES Executives

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology, NUS

Dr Minh Le graduated from NUS with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and a Ph.D. degree in Computational and Systems Biology, under the guidance of Prof. Bing Lim and Prof. Harvey Lodish. She was trained as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Judy Lieberman at Boston Children’s Hospital for 5 years and worked at City University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor for 4 years before returning to NUS. Dr Le is well recognised for her contributions to the field of microRNAs, extracellular vesicles and cancer biology. Her group has recently developed a strategy to harness extracellular vesicles from red blood cells for delivery of RNA drugs. This drug delivery platform is the foundation for her start-up company, Carmine Therapeutics. She is also an associate/deputy editor of JEV and JExBio. She has recently received the NUS Alumni award, Falling Walls Venture, and Graduate Mentor of the Year award.