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Research Director (A*STAR IMCB)

Dr Lim Sai Kiang graduated with B.Sc (Hons in Biochemistry) from National University of Singapore in 1985. She did her PhD thesis on the metabolism of thalassemic mRNA under Prof Lynne Maquat (Dept. of Human Genetics, Roswell Park Cancer Institute), and was awarded the Most Meritorious Student Research Award by Sigma Xi Society in 1989, NY State Predoctoral Fellowship (1989-91) and a PhD (Molecular Biology) from SUNY at Buffalo in 1992.

In 1992, she started postdoctoral training on erythroid differentiation with Prof Frank Constantini (Dept. of Genetics and Development College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University) first as a Cooley’s Anemia Foundation Research Fellow (1992-94) and then a Leukemia Society of America Special Fellow (1994-96).

After postdoctoral training, she led independent research groups at NUMI, NUS (1996-2001), Genome Institute of Singapore (2002-2007) and  Institute of Medical Biology (2007 – 2021) and now Institute of Molecular Cell Biology (2021). Her research focus has always been disease-related with emphasis on the elucidation of the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms in diseases and development of therapies.

Her current major research interests are derivation of clinically useful cell types such as mesenchymal stem cells and insulin-producing cell lines from either human or mouse embryonic stem cells and the use of these cells or their products to treat or better understand human diseases.



KOL Presentation

1. Plenary Speaker, APSEV 2023 Taipei 31 March-1st April 2023

2. FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) Office of Therapeutic Products (OTP) 14 March 2023

Below is the link to the recorded workshop.  

FDA CBER OTP AMAT RMT Workshop: Cellular Therapy/Tissue Engineering Session – YouTube


-2021, 2022 Highly Cited Researchers by the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science Group

-ISEV Special Achievement Award 2023


1. Plenary Speaker, APSEV 2023 Taipei 31 March-1st April 2023


KOL Presentation

Plenary Speaker, ISCT 2020 Paris (Virtual) 28 May- 29 May 2020


KOL Presentation

1. Plenary Speaker, ISEV 2019 Kyoto, Japan, 24-28 April 2019   

2. Keynote Speaker, 3rd Annual CSEV meeting, Xian China 18-20th Oct 2019

3. Keynote Speaker, 5th Geivex Symposium- Granada, Spain 6-8 Nov 2019 

4. Plenary Speaker, APSEV 2019 Inaugural Annual Meeting, Jeju Island, South Korea 25-26 Nov 2019


KOL Presentation

Expert Speaker on Therapeutic EVs. “Meet the experts” discussion sessions,: ISEV 2016 Rotterdam on 4-7 May 2016, MSC-derived EV therapy ISEV 2016: Pre-meeting Education Day 3rd May, 2016



KOL Presentation

1. Expert Speaker on Therapeutic EVs. “Meet the experts” discussion sessions, Washington, D.C., USA at the Bethesda North Marriott, ISEV 2015: April 23-26, 2015

2. Keynote Speaker 2nd COINS International Symposium, University of Tokyo, Japan, 23 Nov 2015


Singapore Public Administration Medal  (Bronze) 2015.